Friday, April 1, 2011

Good Things Come in 3's

number 3 cushion 50 x 50

Hi everyone! Okay, I confess, this is just a shameless way of showing off my new 'number 3' cushion I picked up yesterday from Freedom (sorry about the pooch in the background)!

I just loved this cushion as soon as I saw it in the latest issue of Real Living. Why the number '3' I hear you ask when I could have had '1' or '2'? Well, as an interior designer (wannabe) I prefer to arrange my 'clusters' into groups of 3 or 5 - odd numbers always look visually better. Also, when we bid on anything, be it a house or an item on ebay, we always end it in a '3' and somehow this has always worked for us (cue the spooky music).
So it seems, good things do come in 3's!

Do you have a 'lucky' number? Or perhaps you do something that always works for your family when it comes to bidding. I'd love to hear your story.

Have a great weekend everyone.


  1. Hi Michelle. Your post made me laugh as when I first started out renovating our house my cousin gave me very strict instructions that everything must be arranged in odd numbers - 3's or 5's - as they are more visually appealing. It's something that we still laugh about today whenever somebody mentions it. So thank you and I love your new cushion. Enjoy! Ange

  2. I am another lucky no. 3 girl! I won a huge pink panther toy that was taller than me at the time, when I was 10 at the Ekka on those old peel away ambulance fundraiser tickets, anyway the number that won the monstrous toy that poor old dad had to carry around for the rest of the day was 333. It's one of the few things I have ever won and I just loved it. Our first home was number 33 as well, which made us choose it over 4 others, so I definitely understand your obsession with the number 3:)
    Have a lovely Sunday,

  3. I totally agree with decorating in odd number clusters!!
    My favourite number is 8. It's infinite and symmetrical and has been a lucky number for me.
    I love the cushion.... and the pooch!

  4. I like odd numbers, and my engagement and wedding ring were made with that in my mind. So I don't think that's strange at all. The cushion looks excellent on your lounge. Great purchase and you can't beat a dog when accessorising your home!!


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