Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Wednesday Wicked Design

This week I want to highlight a designer who I 'met' when she left a comment on my post earlier this week. Gabriella runs Stilelemente where she offers gorgeous artworks and products for the home. The name Stilelemente is German in origin, and according to Gabriella, loosely translates to Elements of Style - a very fitting name for her exquisite designs.

Pieced-Fabric Floor Cushion

Gabriella draws on local Australian flora and fauna to create beautiful designs for her range of fabrics and cards. All of her cloths are natural/organic and/or fair trade, with her latest textile designs being created using naturally dyed tea-stained cotton.

Stilelemente's designs are available through bluecaravan and etsy. The range of natural colours used in all of the designs are simply gorgeous - take a look at some of what Stilelemente has to offer.....

Wattle eco-friendly Greeting Card

Cycles of the Moon (4) - framed textile art

Kangaroo Grass Table Runner

Gabriella also has a beautiful blog under the same name where she literally takes you on a journey through her creative processes. Her latest post talks about her textile art/ideas and experiments, and is a really interesting read. Pop on over and say hi if you get the chance, I know she would love it if you did.

Hope you are all having a wonderful Wednesday.


  1. Thanks Michelle, what a lovely surprise :)

  2. Some gorgeous designs Michelle, I love them all. Thanks for the tip, Im off to take a look at her blog and store. (love your gorgeous ebay purchase - Im a regular ebayer, my king bed is my best buy - great find)
    Rebecca x

  3. I found your blog through Natural Modern Interiors and am now following. I love it and I love your designs.

  4. Just stunning! Another amazing artistxx


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