Monday, March 28, 2011

My BIG Ebay Purchases

I know I've said it before, but I have to say it again .... I love, love, loooove ebay!!

We were in need of a new lounge for our main tv/lounge area as our old leather one was starting to show its age (about 10 years). We visited one of our favourite showrooms - King Furniture - in the valley only to discover that our beloved Jasper suite was somewhat out of our price range. Now I don't mind spending on quality as we already have a Delta lounge in our formal area but at a price tag of over $12,000 on sale for the leather Jasper we thought we would look at fabric - after all the kids are a little older now and a little better at not spilling/jumping/sliding around on the furniture (I live in a dream world I know)!!! Okay back to reality we thought that for our informal and comfy lounge area we would like to look at fabric ... I also thought I would try to find one on ebay.

After several months of looking (every day) - the jasper hardly ever comes up and when it does most people are dreaming when it comes to price, especially if they have not bought on sale - finally I found this one, and we love it!!! It was in fantastic conditions for its 4 years and although not exactly the colour we would have chosen at $2100 it was a bargain, and at least a third of the sale retail price. Yippee!!!!

We had to bring the lounge up from Bateman's Bay adding to the cost, but I have to say the team at Aladdin's were amazing - it was such a great process and was delivered when they said it would be!

sorry about the bad lighting!

My second BIG purchase was a Miele coffee machine. We had a steam oven in its place (which we hardly ever used) so we decided to purchase the coffee machine and pop it into the oven's space, let me tell you this is certainly getting a work out. At a normal price tag of between $3500 to $4000 it was also a bargain purchase at $932!!!! Don't worry we have kept the steam oven and will probably do a mini kitchen makeover to incorporate it at a later date.

One of the great features of the Jasper is its storage space .... my magazines are all housed very neatly ....

Lots of room for important nick-nacks too!!

Luckily we have a big space for the jasper as it takes up quite a bit of room .... now where am I going to put my two butterfly chairs that I am currently getting recovered (that's for another post)????

Have you made any great ebay purchases lately?
Have a great Monday. Michelle
p.s. I guess I need to update my lounge photo on the sidebar now!


  1. This is EXCELLENT shopping and you've inspired me to have a look at ebay. I've never been brave enough to do it [that makes me sound like a fuddy duddy - oh & so does that] but your purchase of the Jasper in particular is fantastic!

    I'm off to explore now,

    Felicity x

    PS I have a very similar abacus to the one in your final photo. Found at a vintage store on the Sunshine Coast. x F

  2. Well done on your bargains Michelle! I think the lounge looks fabulous and I love all of the extra storage! xx

  3. Oh I totally have lounge envy! I LOVE King Furniture lounges and it is definitely something on my wish list for the future but I never thought to look on eBay - great idea, great finds, lucky you :) Enjoy!

  4. Wonderful purchases Michelle. Love it when you get what you want on Ebay. Loving the mags tucked away there. Great idea.

    Pam x

  5. What a great find Michelle. It looks great in your lounge too. I just lost out on an ebay auction - so annoyed. Should have gone with my gut feeling and NOT listened to my husband. Oh well, you win some, you lose some. Enjoy your fabulous win! ;-)

  6. Excellent! You must be so happy with the lounge suite. That coffee machine would be a dream too. Keen to see your butterfly chairs. Great minds think alike! xx

  7. Yay!! love a bargain. It looks gorgeous.

    I am too scared to spend up big on ebay xox

  8. Well done Michelle, great find :) I look forward to a sneaky peek soon. Lisa

  9. Wow Michelle - what a bargain! You're to be commended on doing your research, knowing retail/sale prices, and persevering in hope of finding what you want; and getting it at bargain prices. What a thrill!! Your new lounge is HUGE!!
    Also looking forward to viewing your newly upholstered butterfly chairs when finished!

  10. Love it, we bought a Jimmy possum for $3000, RRP $10,000!!.. Used Aladdins your work and blog..looking forward to hopefully working with you in a few months (big project in the making) xx


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