Tuesday, February 22, 2011

It's Giveaway Time

Yay, today is my 100th post!!

Firstly, I can't believe I have reached 100 posts! Secondly, and most importantly I would really really like to thank every one of my readers - you all give me such inspiration everyday! I love reading each and every comment and email you send me.

I must admit I was once a reluctant blogger - a very good friend of mine, the Divine Miss M, managed to talk me into this thing called a blog. She held my hand every step of the way in the beginning and .... as they say, the rest is history. So thank you Miss M for without you I would not have made so many wonderful 'blogging buddies' nor would my business be where it is today.

In order to celebrate this momentous occasion I have decided to hold a giveaway!

The winner of the giveaway will receive one of my framed stamped images of a 'Bird on Branch' similar to the one pictured below:-

The normal rules apply:-
1. Join as a follower, then leave a comment for one entry
2. Blog about my giveaway, let me know, and you receive another entry
3. Pop my giveaway on your sidebar, let me know, and you receive another entry

Simple!!! So what are you waiting for??

I am going away on a small holiday so the winner will not be drawn until the 12th March 2011.

Entries are open to everyone, no matter where you live in the world.

Hope you are having a great day.

Friday, February 18, 2011

One Persons Trash ....

As you probably already know, most of my stock is made from recycled or salvaged materials. You may not know that most of it comes from a wonderful not-for-profit organisation called Reverse Garbage.

Set up in 1998 to support Friends of the Earth - Brisbane, Reverse Garbage sells high quality industrial discards donated by local businesses for re-use. In turn this ensures they do not go into landfill. These products, are sold to the general public at a very low price and are used in a range of craft, art, renovation and school projects.

Until recently Reverse Garbage has resided in West End. Currently they are stocking their new warehouse at 20 Bourke Street, Woolloongabba with their doors set to open on the 21st February 2011! They are holding an official opening on the 26th February with a range of craft classes being held for the kids, among many other exciting things.

Reverse Garbage also supports local artists by selling their wares through their gift shop Echoes. All artists must have at least 75% recycled or reused product in their work in order to sell through the shop. I am lucky enough to be one of the artists in their new gift shop at Woolloongabba!

You will find some of my magnets for sale ...

My garlands ....

along with packets/individual gift tags ....

I'm very excited to be part of their new location!

If you have never been, have a wander - you never know what you may find ..... nor the inspiration that may strike!!

Have a great weekend everyone.

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Wednesday Wicked Design

Today I wanted to introduce you to a designer who also sells on Blue Caravan. Mainichi's beautifully designed jewellery is made by Dearne Herrenberg who creates her designs from her studio in Melbourne.

One of my favourite designs would have to be this necklace made from leather offcuts

Along with leather, Dearne experiments with all kinds of materials. One of her latest designs is made from a recycled plastic fish soy sauce bottle, supplied with take away sushi! I never cease to be amazed at the designs people can come up with using everyday objects.

You can view Mainichi's latest range of jewellery at their Blue Caravan store.

Also just wanted to let you know that the gorgeous Jen Djula, creator of online ethical store Blue Caravan, has been featured in the latest copy of Home Beautiful. The article talks about her passion for her children, ethical design, and making a difference to the lives of artisans in developing countries. Home Beautiful is on sale now.

from here

Hope you are all having a great week.

Monday, February 14, 2011

Tulipwood Trees & Garden Plan

Hi everyone, we received our garden design back from Palms For Brisbane and are really excited about what they have put together (without a palm in site)!

We asked for a low maintenance yet lush garden, and they have come up with not one but two brilliant designs. After much searching on the internet so that my husband could see what the plants would look like (I received a personal tour in the nursery), we have decided to go with the design with more trees.

They are proposing we plant four Tulipwood and one Frangipani tree across the front of our property, with under-planting of various other plant varieties. I already know that I looooove Frangipani trees (in fact I asked for some to be included and they have included 3) but I have had no experience with the Tulipwood tree. They look to be hardy, but can anyone tell me if they look good all the time or whether they can get 'scruffy'?

Tulipwood Trees from here

Frangipani flowers from here

Would love to hear your opinions.

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Wednesday Wicked Design & Giveaway

Today's featured designer is Mrs Smiley's Lockets.
Beautifully designed lockets and brooches, made with recycled stamps and sheet music can be found for sale in their etsy store, and in their online store.

Gorgeous vintage papers and stamps are sourced from all over the world for their designs, and all brooches and lockets can be custom ordered to suit.
What a wonderful gift idea for Valentines Day!

I just love all of their designs!
This first one combines my love of butterflies and vintage books!
All proceeds from the sale of this adorable butterfly goes to the Premiers Flood Relief Appeal.

Butterfly Brooch

The Twilight Vintage Sheet Music Locket

Wise Owl - Forest friends wooden brooch

Can you believe this one is made from a vintage postage stamp?

Czechoslovakian 1967 Postage Stamp
30mm Locket

There are many more designs to choose from so pop on over and visit their etsy store or online store.

Mrs Smiley's Lockets also has a wonderful blog where they currently have a valentines giveaway running - all you have to do is visit their blog to check it out, then go over to their facebook page and leave a comment. You could win this .....

Good luck everyone.
Hope you enjoyed my latest wicked designer!

Monday, February 7, 2011

Faking It Update .....

Thank you to all those lovely people who gave advice, emailed, or simply commented on my previous post regarding 'faking it'! Your advice was so valuable and certainly contributed to our decision. So I thought it was time to update you all. We have decided to go with the synthetic turf out the back and around the side of our house. I hope it looks as good as this when it's finished ....
We have decided to go with a grass called 'All Season Gold' which has little bits of kind of dead bits in it, if you know what I mean. Anyway, I think it looks quite realistic.

Before the company will lay the turf we are having all the gardens pulled out in preparation for our new garden design, which is being finalised very shortly. We will then replant, and the turf can then be laid last. I am sooo looking forward to this final stage of our renovation - it's been a long one this time - but I guess having a baby in between it all can slow you down somewhat!

I will be sure to post all the before and afters as we finish our little projects.

Thanks also to those who left lovely comments on my last post. Yes, I will be putting some of my retro cards into my madeit, etsy, and bluecaravan store soon. Later this week I will be showing you some more artwork destined for sale at the next BrisStyle Indie Twilight Market.

Wishing you a fab Monday!

Friday, February 4, 2011

In The Studio

Just thought I would share some of the things I have been 'crafting' in my studio in preparation for the BrisStyle Indie Twilight Markets.

Tags stamped on recycled card ...

Loving my new retro inspired cards ...

Hope to see you all at the markets in the city on Friday, 25th February in King George Square.
Have a great weekend everyone.

p.s. I told Miss 4 yesterday that she had to go to school 5 days a week - to which she replied (with hands on hips) "that's preposterous !" Even though she used it in context I'm not sure she knows what that word means! :)

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Wednesday Wicked Design

This week I wanted to introduce you to Meggy Green. Meggy is a fellow BrisStyler who is also a mad keen collector of vintage storybooks. Among other designs, she produces wonderful little notebooks from her studio on the Sunshine Coast.

Following is a little collection I have put together from her etsy and madeit stores. I'm sure you will agree, all of these notebooks are simply divine!

scooter boy

Recycled Owl Notebook

Camera Notebook

I hope you are having a great week. It's Wednesday and I am already exhausted from the school week! I wonder how Miss 4 must feel!