Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Wednesday Wicked Design & Giveaway

Today's featured designer is Mrs Smiley's Lockets.
Beautifully designed lockets and brooches, made with recycled stamps and sheet music can be found for sale in their etsy store, and in their online store.

Gorgeous vintage papers and stamps are sourced from all over the world for their designs, and all brooches and lockets can be custom ordered to suit.
What a wonderful gift idea for Valentines Day!

I just love all of their designs!
This first one combines my love of butterflies and vintage books!
All proceeds from the sale of this adorable butterfly goes to the Premiers Flood Relief Appeal.

Butterfly Brooch

The Twilight Vintage Sheet Music Locket

Wise Owl - Forest friends wooden brooch

Can you believe this one is made from a vintage postage stamp?

Czechoslovakian 1967 Postage Stamp
30mm Locket

There are many more designs to choose from so pop on over and visit their etsy store or online store.

Mrs Smiley's Lockets also has a wonderful blog where they currently have a valentines giveaway running - all you have to do is visit their blog to check it out, then go over to their facebook page and leave a comment. You could win this .....

Good luck everyone.
Hope you enjoyed my latest wicked designer!


  1. Wow! Thank you Michelle for doing such a wonderful post.

  2. Thank you for this ... I often have a hard time trying to think of presents for my m-i-l ... I think she'd love these ... off to 'favourite' my etsy list now!

  3. They are lovely. Some people are so clever aren't they!

  4. They are just beautiful. I was driving past one of the houses I mentioned had the faux grass on the footpath, the one at Camp Hill, and I noticed the house had sold and the footpath was all dug up so I just wanted to say I am so sorry if I sent you on a wild goose chase. cheers Katherine


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