Friday, July 16, 2010

Reno Before & Afters plus Another HR Find

Hello everyone, hope you are having a great week. As promised below are some before and afters of my lounge. This is where my husband and I spend most nights just chilling out. Once again, apologies for some of the images - I wasn't intending others to see them! Please also realise that my house is not 'staged' - this is how we live 'warts and all'.

Below is image of our lounge AFTER. The framed 'bus scrolls' are actually tea towels that I framed in Ikea frames for an all up cost each of $10!! The doorway to the right goes into the girls' playroom which we created from a car space in the garage that was originally for 4 cars.

Image below is BEFORE. Please note the horrible windows which you will see in the next set of 'after' images I have replaced with cafe style bi-folding windows with seating. Toys are everywhere before we created the playroom.

The door (shown below) was the original entryway into this room. It is now where the t.v. sits and on the other side, our fridge in the kitchen - if you missed these 'before and afters' and wanted to see them click here, and here.

Below more AFTER images of the lounge. The first image (sorry about the light but it was very bright this morning) shows the cafe style bi-folding window with seat that we put in. This leads out to our front courtyard and entryway.

Below the AFTER image of the playroom entryway - we have tried to make it look as 'adult' as possible from the doorway.

Below is the AFTER image of the playroom .... when you walk around the corner - this is what you see - all the girls toys! Yes, I have put tags on all the baskets for ease of finding where each type of toy goes - I know, it's the Virgo in me!!

The final AFTER image of the playroom shows the craft area - I did a post a while back about the pin board I found in an op shop for $4.50 - here it is in situ.

Lastly, on to my Hard Rubbish find! I was driving through a neighboring suburb on Wednesday and oh my gosh if I didn't spy a Casala chair out of the corner of my eye!! Well, my heart skipped a beat as I did the u-turn to go back to have a look ...... not 1 but 2 Casala chairs!! Okay they look a little bad right now all dirty and covered in cobwebs, but, they will clean up okay and I will then have them resprayed for my new side deck that is being started next week. Yay!!!

Oops, just realised I said I would post an image of my kitchen again as it looks 'today'. Sorry, I will do it next week.
If anyone wants any contacts for tradesmen or companies in Brisbane re renovation, just ask - I have folders brimming with contacts as this is reno number 4 for us.
Hope you all have a great weekend - we are just doing a bit of work on the house ready for next weeks phase two to begin. Michelle


  1. I love your bifold window in the loungeroom. What a great idea, I just love fresh air and lots of light inside. The girls playroom is excellent and a good use of the space. Your house is fantastic Michelle, thank you so much for sharing. xx

  2. Your house looks wondeful Michelle! Love the bifold windows and I bet the girls love their playroom :) Great find with your chairs!

  3. What great flow and design. Your home looks fantastic and I love that you have adult areas and childrens areas. I think its very important for our precious little ones to learn that there are places for everything and some rooms are theirs and some rooms are yours. Well done on your treasure aswell.

  4. Michelle it all looks AMAZING....LOVE your living area....!!

    I've been fortunate over the years to find Casala Chairs in the HR & find they can come up a treat with a little elbow grease....So in the mean time before you get them recoated, if your rinse off most of the flaky dirt & then SATURATE them in exit mould that should bring them back to a nice uniform colour....This has worked for me on white, yellow & red ones....!

    Tamarah :o)

  5. Thanks so much for visiting my blog. You look like you have been super busy!!

  6. Wow great finds...are you going to keep the casalas white or go for a colour?? Love all the afters, the play room is wonderful, cheers Katherine

  7. Micelle I really love your home, its so light & airy & inviting, you guys have really done a beautiful job. tha kids room is fabulous, especially those labelled baskets...I just love organisation.

  8. what am amazing transformation!!!!!!

    gorgeous playroom for your gals- we couldn't live without ours.....
    nor could the kids -they love their own space too...

    and your find- those chairs quite literally made my heart beat faster- LUCKY YOU!!

    have a lovely weekend cleaning those up...
    melissa x

  9. Thank you all for your lovely comments! Tamarah, the chairs have come up beautifully - I used powdered bleach as I had no exit mould, and this seemed to do the trick! I will post results soon. Michelle

  10. Hi Michelle and thanks for checking out my lamp makeover, it was really fun and the longest part of it was waiting for the paint to dry, lol. You should try doing up a lamp, as long as the shade is an easy shape, it is really simple!
    xx Karen

  11. Hi Michelle, thanks for showing more of your lovely home. I love what you have done and can't wait for the next post. Have a great weekend.

  12. Those bifold windows are a stroke of genius...what a difference!

  13. i want a play room like that! so awesome michelle. those chairs, do not get me started on how amazing they are. well done! looking forward to seeing how they transform. loving your place...tea and cake time soon yes?

  14. Wow! Great transformations! Are most of the furniture pieces from Ikea?

    Rambles with Reese

  15. I'm not sure where my last comment went to. But, I just wanna say - great transformation!

    will be back often to read more.
    Cheers! Rambles with Reese


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