Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Tags & My HR Find

Hope everyone had a great weekend. I am feeling refreshed and looking forward to another chaotic school term!

As I said in last weeks post, I have been filling some wholesale orders for stores lately so I thought I would share some of the new tags that I have sent them. I have just uploaded these to my madeit store and will upload some to my etsy store later in the week.

The first set of tags are hand cut from a vintage atlas and then hand stamped. Each set sells for $5.50. I love the sense of adventure these tags instill.

The second set of tags are hand cut from a vintage dictionary and hand stamped with fauna from the Webster's Dictionary range. Each set sells for $5.00. These tags remind me of the set of heavy dictionaries my mother owned (in two volumes) when we were growing up. I guess these days we just google the word?

Lastly these tags are just a bit of fun and are hand stamped onto recycled card. Each set sells for $4.50.

Now on to my fabulous Hard Rubbish find. It was HR collection in our area this week so my oldest daughter and I (miss 4) went out under the cover of darkness (due to the fact is was in my own suburb) to look for treasures - she loved it but we came back empty handed. Imagine my surprise the next day, after venturing a different way to the post office, when I came across this delicious old head board! Okay, it needs a clean up (looks like 100yr old cobwebs on it) and a definite recover ...... but with some TLC I think it will be perfect in my second daughter's room - yay, her scheme is starting to come together. It may take me some weeks before I get to this project, but I promise to post the after shot.

By the way, I got some very funny looks from the builders across the road who were watching me haul it into the back of my car ..... I could just hear them ..... has she no shame?!! This got me thinking ..... have any of you ever hunted for treasures in the HR in your own suburb (or am I the only embarrassing one)?

Hope your all having a great week. Michelle

p.s. I haven't forgotten about posting more images of my home - I'm just waiting for the calm on Thursday when daycare and pre-prep go back!


  1. Gorgeous tags! My faves are the cute third set :) Great bedhead - look forward to seeing you transform it and the progress of your daughter's room. I haven't grabbed any roadside finds before, only because I've never seen anything worth snatching up around here, but if I did find a treasure, I wouldn't hesitate to bring it home :)

  2. Your atlas tags are gorgeous! Very original

  3. I love the tags Michelle!! And what a great find by the side of the road!! I love seeing what treasures other people throw on the verge. I usually only look around my area and have picked up some great things. My best find was an antique washstand with a marble top! I actually found that one on my own street a few doors up and it was so heavy I had to knock on their door and ask them to help me get it into the car!! Can't wait to see your re-vamped bedhead! Christine x

  4. The bedhead was a great find! Never found any treasures but it is amazing the piles of stuff people throw out! Where were they keeping it all! :)

  5. The bedhead is great. I would have grabbed it too. All recycling/upcyling is fine by me.

  6. I love your tags, especially the atlas range!!! Great find with the bed head!!!

  7. What a find! Can't wait to see what you do with it and who cares what the builders think! Jane (the girl in the brick house)

  8. Love reading all your comments. Christine, that's hilarious - I can't imagine asking the 'dumper' for help to put the item into the car! Yes Jane, I agree, I just smiled at the builders and 'carried on'!! Michelle

  9. Michelle your tags are DELICIOUS & you KNOW how I love the HR....hahahahaha....Don't forget to show us pics of your AWESOME headboard when your done....!!

    Yayyyyyyyyyy....HUMP DAY tomorrow....!!

    Tamarah :o)

  10. What a great find! We don't have hard rubbish collection where I live but once in Melbourne,when I was a uni student my TV died and my flatmate and I carried this huge and heavy 1970s TV down 4 storeys to the nature strip to be collected for hard rubbish. Over the next week I was very amused to see my TV move up and down the street as different people tried to take it home only to dump it when it got too heavy to bother! Look forward to seeing how the headboard comes up!
    X Briohny.

  11. Your new tags are wonderful Michelle, I love to shop the HR for treasures however in our town I have hardly ever found anything. xx

  12. hey michelle, just became a new follow.......just read your post, and yup i've found loads of treasures, i got a fantastic big red vintage leather bag from the next door neighbours i got my hubbie to run next door late at night hehehe, i still have it.....loved this post made me laugh thanks lisa

  13. Oh you are a funny thing Michelle. Can't wait to see what you do with it.

  14. Love your tags Michelle. We don't have a curbside collection at all. It's very sad :( If we did I would cetainly quietly search for treasures.
    Have a great day.

  15. Hi Michell, love your new tags - very cute! And what a great treasure you found in the headboard. I don't think you are the only one who has done the hunt on council collection day. Many a treasure has been found in these. I once picked up an old style school desk in great condition. I can't wait to see what you do with the headboard. Have a great week.


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