Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Comments Disappeared Reno Before & After

I have posted this due to the fact that I came home this afternoon to find 8 comments left on my blog re my previous post of my renovation before and afters (and was sooo excited). When I clicked on the comments to moderate them, they all disappeared! So ..... I would really, really, appreciate it if you left your comments again as I love to read them. And, if you didn't see my previous post - please read below. Has anyone else had this happen? Not happy!! Michelle

p.s. if they reappear I,ll let you know.

p.s.s. 9:30pm - looks like lots of us are experiencing the same problem ..... lets hope it all corrects itself by the morning!


  1. My Comments are disapearing too, can't even get to read them before they disappear! :(
    I wrote that I love your reno, esp the glass on the stairs and that you have fantastic style and I can't wait to see more!!! Just gorgeous!

  2. I have found this also...lets see if this one gets through.

  3. Let's try this again!...Wow, I had forgotten how much work you have done since you started! The pic's look great and I think they will give people an insight into your design style (particularly like the foot-out-of-pram feature!). Thanks for the two mentions by the way (someone clearly needed to have a link to their website organised huh?), it will be nice for people to be able to appreciate your recycling skills...I know we sure do (love that lemon kitchen!)ha!!! I think a shot of your new kitchen would be great in your next blog please! xxx

  4. I missed your before and after post so kind of glad you had to mention it again:o)
    What an amazing transformation of your home. You have great taste and obviously know what you like.
    Hope your comments are sorted now.

  5. Hi Michelle, well it is all just stunning and has such a warm yet light feel. I love the stairs and I love the way the design pays homage to the original design and heritage of the house, it really has a lot of soul. Cheers katherine

  6. Hi Michelle, how annoying! Treat this as a test message! Let me know how you go.

  7. WOW you have done such an amazing job! it must be a fun place to live. I have had some comment probs too; dont know if you will get this,,,
    Laura xx

  8. Hello Michelle....!

    Sorry about your comments....hmmmmmm....I'm unable to offer a suggestion as to what may have transpired....Would it have anything to do with the moderating feature....??

    Anyways....I LOVE your redesigned space it's absolutely AWESOME....The clean lines & light make it all look VERY inviting....And your sidboard under the stairs is STUNNING....hmmmmmm....I'm thinking I may have to give the SVJ away & go modern retro....hahahahaha....Now that's the problem with reading other peoples blogs....Fills you with CONFLICTING design ideas.... :o) !!

    Hope you're having a GREAT week....!!

    Tamarah :o)

  9. PS: SERIOUS envy going on down here over your Marimekko piece....!!!

  10. Hi Michelle, looks like everything is back on track.... so... Love your makeover, it really lifts the room. You have made some great decisions there and it has worked well. Love the stairs, light and bifold doors and the screen at the bottom of your stairs. Can't wait to see what you have done with your kitchen.

  11. My first comment yesterday was written so excitedly. I am not sure I can replicate that but I do so love the 'before' and 'after' shots. More of those please. I'd forgotten HOW MUCH you had done. I can't wait to see the second phase. You also need to show your kitchen and outdoor area. It's awesome. The house almost looks warehouse like. Hugs!

  12. Michelle, your home is stunning!! It looks like it has come out of a magazine, you should be so proud of all the work you have done and your decorating style is divine!! I cannot wait to see more! Hope you are having a wonderful Wednesday ~ Tina xx

  13. Hi Michelle, what gorgeous picture, you have such great style! Love your style.
    Hugs for a wonderful Wednesday. xx


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