Monday, February 14, 2011

Tulipwood Trees & Garden Plan

Hi everyone, we received our garden design back from Palms For Brisbane and are really excited about what they have put together (without a palm in site)!

We asked for a low maintenance yet lush garden, and they have come up with not one but two brilliant designs. After much searching on the internet so that my husband could see what the plants would look like (I received a personal tour in the nursery), we have decided to go with the design with more trees.

They are proposing we plant four Tulipwood and one Frangipani tree across the front of our property, with under-planting of various other plant varieties. I already know that I looooove Frangipani trees (in fact I asked for some to be included and they have included 3) but I have had no experience with the Tulipwood tree. They look to be hardy, but can anyone tell me if they look good all the time or whether they can get 'scruffy'?

Tulipwood Trees from here

Frangipani flowers from here

Would love to hear your opinions.


  1. Sounds fantastic. Have you considered the evergreen frangapanis. The leaf is really glossy and ofcourse they don't make a mess. I love all frangapanis. My dad used to plant two of the desiduous chaps different varieties together and they would grow together and look like one amazing that tree that had two different types of flower.Just read your comment on Fun and VJ's and you know you can always get a discount or contact me if you after something particular anytime, cheers Katherine

  2. I just love gardening and can't wait to start my own (well I have started a plan already!) and I wish I were able to help. But being in a southern climate, these trees are quite foreign to me. Of course I know Frangipani (mmmmm I can smell it now) but I am pleased you love the design concept! Look forward to hearing more!
    X B


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