Monday, January 31, 2011

Faking It

Lately we have been considering 'faking it', and not in a botox, faux fur, or self-tan kind of way but by installing synthetic turf or fake grass.

smart turf

As the inside is almost complete, we are turning our attention to the outside.

We have an area at the back of our property by the pool that becomes a complete quagmire when it rains, rendering it quite useless. We have even taken to fencing it off from the dog lately, with all the recent rain he seems to be constantly covered in mud up to his armpits!

gc flooring solutions

There are also two areas at the side of the house that are so tiny it's a real inconvenience to bring the lawnmower out (if you know what I mean).

The solution ............. beautiful, evergreen, non-growing (is that a word?), drought hardy fake grass!!

Awww - so cute!!
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Has anyone else ever faked it, or considered faking it? I'd love your opinion.

Hope you're having a great Monday.

p.s. I must apologise for my recent absence, but it was a big week in our house - my oldest started school! Of coarse all the grandparents had to be there for the big day, so we had my in-laws staying over from Noosa - it was a great week and she had a wonderful first day!!
On the way to school this morning she asked if I thought she would learn to read this week - I didn't have the heart to explain that prep is still play based and it may be a while before she learns to read - looks like I may have a job at home!!


  1. We had faux grass put in last year, and it is is the best decision. No worry about watering, or 40+ degree burning days (in Melbourne of course), or mowing. It looks fantastic, and some people do not even realise it is fake until we say so! I say go for it, its not cheap, but in the long run it is really low maintenance and looks good :)

  2. i have a friend who does smart turf so would be happy to put her in contact with you if you have any questions. Lots of our neighbours have it and have had it a while, with pets. they l-o-v-e it!!!

  3. Less ants = big bonus in my books! We have an area outside for a synthetic mat like the ones showing up in shops at the moment. My dog loves it and it doesn't make him itch! Albeit it isn't a planted turf, so I don't think my input helps, sorry!

  4. Hi Michelle
    We have had both real and fake in amongst our builds and it really is a decision to be based on the area and need for the lawn as you mentioned.
    We put it out the front so the front of our home always looked perfect. The back of the house where it was placed received full sun and it was where we would walk to the pool gate. Unfortunately we had to cut out squares to place paver's to walk on because it is boiling hot synthetic plastic in the heat of the sun. So if its going to be placed in areas that don't get full sun and where pets won't use it as a toilet I say its perfect.
    I am being completely honest as I still love it for certain areas but not for others.
    I love your girls comment.....My son is 3 and can't wait to go to school next year...he keeps asking when he will be able to right his name....too cute.

  5. oh yes - go on Fake It!! we did last year and i could not be happier. i only ever had mud or dust (ugh!) so the synthetic grass nowadays looks much much better and means my kids and go out - no matter what the weather!!

  6. There is a house in Stewart st Hawthorne that has fake on footpath which looks great and also on Stanley st east going through Norman park on footpath again. I think it can be great and is so not like that awful fake grass of years ago. How exciting starting school. Relish every moment now...once they hit school it just goes sooo fast xx katherine

  7. hahahaha I have seen this on tv, but don't anyone who has tried it. Looks interesting :)

  8. Hi michelle, i have fake grass and just adore it!!! it was so worth the money, always looks green and lush, so lovely for the kids to play on, no water etc... you wont regret it!! We have real lawn at the front and my husband really wants to rip it up as its so much hard work!!! the funniest thing though is that you get real weeds growing around the edges!! Looks so strange!!
    Laura xx

  9. I live in the states and my hubby would never go for this. He loves to mow the grass, he says it is soothing for him. I do think this looks realistic in the photos.


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