Monday, January 17, 2011

BrisStyle Handmade Ark Appeal

Hi everyone. I was hoping to return to blogging last week, but with all the heartbreak in our beautiful country I just couldn't - it somehow didn't seem right.

We are lucky to live high on a hill and were untouched by the water - friends of ours were not so lucky, with some losing everything. I hope you and your families are safe and well.

With the horrible flood situation in mind, I thought I would let you know about BrisStyles Handmade Ark Flood Appeal initiative. The clever folk over at BrisStyle have been encouraging their members (and non-members) who have an etsy store to list a handmade item, with proceeds to go towards the Premier's Flood Relief Appeal. You can read all about their initiative on their blog.

Of coarse, I was keen to jump on board and have listed my "four seasons in one day" framed artwork to be sold in my etsy store with all proceeds going towards the Premier's fund.
If you know of someone who can join in, please pass the message on as if we all do our little bit for the appeal, we will see Australia recover stronger than ever!!


  1. Hi Michelle, Great to see you back again. It's a great initiative BrisStyle have organised. The generosity and community spirit I've been witnessing is incredible. x

  2. I am so glad to know that you are ok Michelle. That is a great idea to raise money, well done. xx

  3. Hi Michelle- I am glad to know you are okay... I have been thinking of everyone on the other side of the ocean the past few weeks. Keep us posted on how you are doing... great idea in fundraising :)

  4. Hi Michelle, glad that you are ok as I was wondering about you. Great initiative too. ;-)

  5. Hi Michelle, I haven't visited everyone yet since I got back from hols but so glad to hear you're okay. A horrible week (and it still continues) for eveyone in Australia (and overseas too).

    Clever folk at BrisStyle - it's so heartwarming hearing how everyone is rallying together in support.

    Let me know how the blog switch goes or if you need any help - mine wasn't without hitches. I just went and changed the web address under the 'publishing' option, under the 'Settings' tab - this meant eveything stayed the same except how to find me (reading lists, saved web address etc) so I then created a second blog (so people could be redirected) and put in my old weblink and put a post saying I've moved! Bit of a round about way to do things but with some reminders about updating – it seems to have been ok… :-)

  6. p.s. thanks for you lovely comments yesterday about my blog xx

  7. Hey michelle, glad to see your okay, the sights of Brisbane & all of the flood affected communties throughout Australia are really devastasting. The generosity in blogland to raise funds & lend a helping hand has been incredible!

  8. Happy to hear you are okay. What a terrible time it has been up north. The Australian spirit is really shining through as everyone pulls together to help each other out.
    Hugs ~ Kerryanne


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