Friday, March 25, 2011

Butterfly Art Kits

Example of a finished 'Cinderella'

My 'Butterfly Art Kits' are for those of you who love all the butterfly art that is around at the moment, but not the price tag that comes with it (I can say this because I sell them)!
Instead of paying for someone else (i.e. me) to make the artwork up and frame it, you can now do your own artwork via my kits.

inside a vintage 'bambi' kit

Each kit contains over 20 butterflies, an A4 mounting card, and instructions for mounting. All kits are lifted from old (mostly vintage) childrens books and are available in many of our favourite stories such as Cinderella, Bambi, Snow White, Alice in Wonderland, Pinocchio ....
I also do these kits up in beautiful red and pink papers if you are after the colours only.
They make fantastic gifts, and make up more than one framed piece. Many of my friends children have created their own masterpieces from my kits - they love being able to create their own stories from the butterflies and see them hanging on the wall.

wrapped and ready to send

At the markets I sell a lot of these kits, and I usually get asked if they will be available for sale online. I like to keep some things for my 'market' customers only, but due to popular demand will now be selling these through my stores at bluecaravan, madeit, and etsy from next week. Each kit will be priced at $19.00 plus postage.

I will be loading more stock into my stores, along with these Butterfly Art Kits, next week. I'd love to hear what you think!!

Have a great weekend.


  1. What a great idea Michelle. I'll be putting an order in for a red set.

  2. Just brilliant, Michelle. I applaud you. So many people are charging hundreds of dollars for these framed butterflies. Bravo you! J x

  3. Such a lovely idea, they will do really well. Good luck with the new goodies Michelle.

  4. What a fantastic idea Michelle, & ever so kimd of you to make it affordable for us all & now wus non artist can fake a little talent at the same time. I think I may need a little something in pink!!!

  5. Hi michelle, I think this is a fantastic idea!!I wish i had a little girl who would appreciate butterflies and pretty things! I do miss out just having boys!!
    Laura xx

  6. ooh Vintage it, love it..will be following you avidly as hope to approach you with a fab new project in a few months..will blog you for sure xx

  7. i love kits, what a wonderful idea.


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