Monday, March 21, 2011

Open and Closed

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Hi everyone, on a good note I have reopened my madeit, bluecaravan, and etsy stores again today.
I will be adding lots of stock over the coming weeks to these stores. I am planning on adding a bit of artwork shortly too - instead of just saving it for my next market.

On a slightly sad note, I have recently found out that my local daycare centre may be losing it's funding as of the 30th June. Lots of families in the area rely on this centre and it will be really sad for the community if it is forced to shut its doors. Anyway, in light of this, myself and another Mother have volunteered to try and organise letters, petitions, and emails to Kevin Rudd (whatever it takes really) to try to keep the centre open. Hopefully we will be able to gain the support of the daycare and local community to try and do what we can to keep our little centre open. Even though I already have a really busy life, I can't simply sit back and do nothing about this issue - so I apologise in advance if I become a little slack on the blogging scene.

I never pictured myself as an 'activist' but sometimes I guess duty calls .... right?
Anyone ever been in a similar situation?


  1. Looking forward to seeing your new stock in your stores. All the best with the save the daycare campaign. Ange

  2. Yay! Good to hear you have your stores open, I will be browsing regularly. Good on you for making the effort for you (and your kids) and the community to keep your daycare centre going. Its people like you that even though heaps busy, put in the extra efforts to make things happen. Good Luck, and hope all goes well.
    Rebecca x

  3. Good luck with the child care. It is so important for local childcare to remain open. You might be able to get some form of exemption, unfortunately it may also mean a trade off. We have some centres in our region where numbers are low and parents are not able to claim Child care benefit because of the funding arrangement. Good on you for standing up and being counted.

  4. Hmmm, a recent horrible experience where my daughters school was closed, an amazing one of a kind school mind, that people from all corners of our globe came to model and learn from,is in my mind as I type this. Kevin Rudd didn't care at all, not one bit, past the buck etc etc. Anna bligh made promises only to break them and tell lies. It was in our electorate here. So I hope all will be well for the day care and please let me know if I can help i am very good at typing letters etc, my advice is to get the media involved as much as you can. A lot of our parents didnt want to do this and i think it would have helped. I have become very synical from this experience I used to be a true believer. I am excited you are going to reopen your store. Are you going to the market on Sunday ?


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