Monday, April 11, 2011

How do you toast?

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I have a always had a Dualit toaster on my 'list' .... you know that totally indulgent list of wants and desires for the home etc.

Anyway, recently our toaster broke down - now, this would normally send me into a total toaster investigation (as with any other electrical product I have replaced), but when this happened I knew exactly what I wanted.

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I don't quite know what it is about the Dualit, but it has always screamed quality to me - from its sleek looks to its extra wide slots .... yes I do believe I am infatuated. One thing I have never been excited about though is its rather large ...... price tag! At a price of over $500 for a four slot it was definitely not going to fit into my rather smaller toaster budget. Enter the ever trusty ebay and, at a price of only $133, I found a four slot stainless steel and white cast aluminum toaster - perfect! It looks similar to this one ...

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Dualit toasters were first invented in the 1950's, and even today each toaster is hand made with the individual makers mark stamped on the bottom - how cool is that?!

I received our new/old toaster today all the way for NSW, so I am yet to clean it up for photographing (my apologies). I must say, I am looking forward to using it at breakfast tomorrow morning.
So, how do you toast? Michelle


  1. Great find Michelle, you saved a fortune. Enjoy your brekkie tomorrow. xx

  2. Another great eBay find - nice one! Enjoy the toast from your new stylish toaster :)

  3. Love your toaster. It is very funky. I didn't realise they were so expensive either! xx


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