Friday, April 29, 2011

Renovation Before and After

Yay, finally the sun has come out here in Brisbane for long enough to take some 'after' images of our garden renovation. So here goes ......

Before out the back of our property near the pool ....

After (below) with our new plants on the rock wall, and our synthetic turf. Apparently when the sun gets a chance to be on the turf and we walk on it the join will no longer show ....

Before at the side of our property looking from the back of the house to the front .....

After (below), this shows how fantastic the synthetic turf looks. You can also see our bamboo trees that will eventually be a thick hedge down the side of the property. Oh yes, and we do need some furniture on the deck - it needs to be 'all weather' - any suggestions?

Before out the front of our house ....

After (below) - even the grass seems to like our new garden. Look how far you can see down the street now - and the neighbours ....

Before, out the front .....

After (below), out the front of the house, this shows off one of our two larger frangipani trees. We have 3 other smaller ones out the back now too. You can also see one of our tulipwood
trees ....

After (below), out the front of our house down the side (sorry, I neglected to take a 'before' shot). This bamboo will also form into a nice hedge

Phew, if you are all still with me, I hope you have a great weekend (a long one in Queensland).

I will be at the BrisStyle Indie Twilight Market in King George Square tonight (I hope the weather holds out!!). If you are in the city (and not watching the wedding) pop in and say hi.


  1. Don't you just love the fake turf!? We've had ours in for a few months now and everyday we still say how fabulous it is. All the work you have done looks fantastic. Enjoy! Ange

  2. Holy green turf! It is indeed a miracle worker, and you'd never tell from the photos if you'd not said. Everything looks so immaculate now. Bamboo grows super duper fast, so will be looking gorgeous along the fence in no time.
    I can see the amount of time, and feel the sore backs from all your work, but it was worth every bit. Excellent!
    I'm watching the wedding tonight!

  3. Michelle, it looks great. I remember you were working on the decking when I visited. Huge improvement front and back - all the hard work has well and truly paid off. Sit back and enjoy! ;-)

  4. Great transformations Michelle, so much work and fabulous results. It looks like it was really overgrown before... nothing like getting a garden under control again... and it will look even more amazing when the plants grow up :)

  5. Glorious, Glorious, so wonderful, particularly love ths shots of the rear looking towards the deck and around the pool...and hey I know where your house funny!You live very close to one of my best friends. The shot of the road out the front gave it away. If you here someone wizzing by and honking that will be me...just kidding.

  6. Michelle that looks AWESOME, what a fantastic idea, love it!!

  7. Wow Michelle and Kevin, what a difference all you need now is a painter too come down and finish the outside for you, or painter/property manager. The synthetic grass looks great just remember not to rake your leaves and burn them like the old days. Mick

  8. Wow, what you've done looks amazing, such a transformation!


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