Friday, April 8, 2011

Frangipanis, Craft and Rain

Despite the miserable weather we are having here in Brisbane my little outdoor renovation is still chugging along nicely.

from here

As you may recall we had a garden design done a few weeks back, so on the weekend we planted out the front and back garden with our gorgeous array of plants supplied by Palms For Brisbane. Their design included 2 magnificent Frangipani trees for the front (I only wish that they were as big as the ones in the image above). Mr Paper Tree and I were very exhausted by the end of it all, much better than a workout at the gym!

As we speak my fence guys are working in the rain in order to stick to my schedule. All going well we will have the synthetic turf in before the Easter long weekend .... that is if the weather improves. I promise, as soon as it is all done I will show you all the before and after pics!

Other than that it is a day for some craft and preparing the house for dinner guests tonight.

Hope you all have something nice planned for the weekend. We are going to my nephew's 18th birthday .... can't believe he is 18!!! Happy Birthday Bradley!! I must say, he has turned into a fine young man.
(Makes me feel ancient though considering my oldest is 5)


  1. Can't wait to see your garden Michelle. Have a great weekend. ;-)

  2. How exciting. Can't wait to see the garden grand finale; and yes, gardening is excellent excercise. The best way to ensure a good nights sleep!!
    Have a great weekend. Don't worry, I've lot's of friends with 18 year olds... and then I've a 3 & nearly 5 year old. Seems such a contrast!

  3. Sounds like your garden is coming along already. Good to get out and put in a workout now and then. Love your No.3 cushion too. Enjoy your weekend and the 18th - I have visitors to stay tonight then a 21st with lots of dancing!
    Rebecca x

  4. Such progress Michelle. We recently just had our fake turf put in and we love it. (There's a post about it on my blog if you get a chance.)It has been money well spent and I'd do the whole yard if I could afford it! Ange

  5. Happy birthday to your nephew!!! Hope you have a wonderful weekend Michelle and that the weather isnt too yuck for you over there!!
    Laura xx

  6. Hi Michelle, i know what you mean about feeling ancient. The other thing that makes it worse still is that they think we are ancient too ha. Can't wait to see the garden, cheers Katherine

  7. Frangapanis are such a beautiful tree having them at the front of your house what a gorgeous sight you'll see each day :) Enjoy your weekend x


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