Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Wednesday Wicked Design

On Monday I posted about the lovely Jessica Van Den from Epheriell Designs giving a talk on Social Media, so today I thought it fitting to shine the Wednesday Wicked Design spotlight on Jess and her amazing jewellery designs.

Jess uses recycled sterling silver to create simply gorgeous jewellery under the name of Epheriell.

Love, love love ...

Another range, under the name of Vintette, uses a mix of vintage and vintage inspired elements to create jewellery pieces that look like they could have been passed down from your Grandmother.

Simply gorgeous ....

All of these pieces can be viewed on Jess's website Epheriell Designs.

Now, you would have thought that running a thriving jewellery business would be enough to keep her busy, but last year Jess decided to start a little zine called Bespoke. Bespoke is jam packed with crafty goodness with everything from interviews, tutorials, photography, vintage guides, recipes and much much more. With the first issue selling out, Jess has recently launched her second issue which is on sale now for $10 here. I am lucky enough to own both issues and have read them from cover to cover - I love reading all the inspirational articles and attempting the tutorials!

Jess also runs Crafting A Business where she shares all her crafty business advice and information. It's always a great informative read, if you have a craft business, or are thinking of starting one I strongly suggest you pop over and have a read. Oh, and Jess has also recently launched an e-course! I know, I'm also trying to work out when she sleeps!

Hope you are all having a great week. Our Easter break starts here in Australia on Friday so I will be taking the long weekend off! Hope you all have a great weekend whatever you have planned. Stay safe.


  1. So many clever creative types out there thanks for sharing. Enjoy your easter break x

  2. Gee Wizz she is a clever and very busy girl...makes me wonder what I do with my time ha. Everything is so beautiful, I love it all, Happy Easter, xx Katherine


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