Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Wednesday Wicked Design

Hi everyone, doesn't Wednesday seem to roll around quickly?

Today I thought I would showcase a designer I had the pleasure of sharing a 'pod' with at the BiTM last Friday night. Good Boy Cracky, named after the designers labrador, stocks handmade accessories made from recycled material.

From iPhone covers to hair clips, brooches, and earrings Good Boy Cracky's etsy store is filled with vintage goodness!

Check out these great stocking fillers:

Red Striped Earrings

Floral iPone/iPod Cover

Recycled Fabric Clutch

Red & Blue Heart Hairclips

Chocolate Cupcake Hair Clip

Camera Felt Brooch

Aren't all these designs just gorgeous?! I know a couple of little girls who would love Santa to put those divine hair clips in their stocking!

Hope you are all having a great week.


  1. I bought a couple of their hair clips as a gift recently - little red riding hood and a wolf. They are too cute.

  2. cute i love the felt camera......have a great day, ps pop over for my christmas giveaway xx

  3. Hi there Michelle, what a great name!! I love the earrings!And i love that people are so getting into recylcing in such unique ways!
    hope youre having a fabulous week,
    laura c xx

  4. Hi Michelle,

    Love those red and white stripes. xx

  5. Some great buys for Christmas gifts. I love the striped earrings. Im off to my nieces stand this weekend to check out her great clips and hairbands and rosettes at the local craft fair. Cant wait to purchase some home made fair. Have a lovely weekend.
    Rebecca x

  6. I adore the red and blue heart hairclips and the camera. So so cute. I'm also giving away one of my Flotsam Christmas Angels. Pop in if you have a minute. Pruxxx

  7. They are all lovely, I HATE ironing but this would definetly be a source of encouragement. i agree that you should definetly not have to go to a store to get, it would be such an easy item to send via mail, surely they must do mail order. Hope you have a lovely weekend, cheers Katherine


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