Monday, November 8, 2010

Markets and Winnings!

Hi everyone, I hope you all had a great weekend. I had a fantastic weekend which started with a stand at the BrisStyle Eco Markets on Saturday. Thankfully the rain gods looked after us and ensured we had a beautiful sunny day for the event. It was so lovely to meet all of my customers and chat about handmade design - everyone's comments were really encouraging! Thank you to all who popped by to say hello - you made my day!

I had a really big space this time

I now have to get busy creating some more artwork for the BrisStyle Twilight Markets which will be held in King George Square on Friday the 19th November!

Every market day the BrisStyle team hold a handmade raffle by collecting something from each of our stands - the proceeds go towards a chosen charity for the day. On Saturday this charity was Peninsula Animal Aid. As you may have already guessed, I was lucky enough to win one of two baskets filled with goodies from my fellow BrisStylers! I was sooo excited, not only did I have a fab day, but it was topped off with a basket of handmade goodness. As you can see I feel very spoiled. I managed to snap this picture before my 4 year old took claim to a lot of these lovelies.

In aid of all of the lovely BrisStylers who spend hours and hours on their craft, I have decided to add a new segment to my blog called 'Wednesday Wicked Designs' to showcase some of their amazing talent. Every Wednesday I will post about a fellow BrisStyler and let you know about their designs. So watch out for my first post this Wednesday.

Renovation Update: My bathrooms will be finished this week - Tilers finish on Tuesday, Plumber is in on Wednesday, and Glazier is in on Thursday. This means, with fingers crossed, I will be able to show you all the before and afters on my Friday post before I go in for my laser eye operation - followed by a complete budget breakdown the following week. Can't wait to see them come to life this week with all the 'blingy' bits!

Wishing you all a fab Monday.


  1. Sounds like a fabulous weekend Michelle! I can't wait to see your before and afters. Congratulations on your win, how lucky for you and your Wednesday showcase is a great idea I will definately be popping back to see it. xx

  2. You sound like a busy beaver at the moment which is great news. Looking forward to the bathroom pics including all the bling! Best wishes for your eye surgery. ;-)

  3. your stand looks amazing.....look forward to photos, have a great week lisa xx

  4. Your stand looks great - wish I could have seen it in person. Can't wait to see photos of your new bathroom x

  5. Hi Michelle. Sounds like you're getting your market groove on. Congrats on winning the raffle! Wednesday idea sounds fab. Bet you're hanging for a bath in solitude. :) x

  6. Hi Michelle, your stand does look just wonderful! so glad you had a great time, looking forward to the new bathroom pics also,
    Laura c xxx

  7. Oh Michelle. It all looks so fantastic. You are inspirational. Fire extinguisher looks a little out of place :) but handy.

  8. Hi Michelle,

    Looking forward to seeing the bathroom pictures and I imagine you are looking forward to it being finished!

    Have a great week,


  9. HI Michelle, Great to catch up with you on Saturday. Look forward to seeing the finished bathroom! Lisa


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