Friday, November 19, 2010

Before & Afters & Budget Breakdown

Hi everyone, as promised I am showing you the before and afters of my main bathroom along with a budget breakdown - and yes, it is scary!

The image below shows the main bathroom after renovations. Okay it is not finished, we still have some sanding and painting, and a mirror to put up but I couldn't wait to show you our transformation.

As you can see it is quite a bit space 3.5m x 2.5m - so I had some room to put in my freestanding bath and a huge shower.

Now to the before (I can't believe I am showing you this) but as you will see below there used to be three small rooms in this space. The previous owners decided it was a good idea to have all of the surfaces resprayed prior to selling - the images below show the result of this - all the surfaces started to peel around 6 months after we moved in. I knew they were sprayed when we bought but thought they would last longer - yuk!

Above shows the toilet before - one room on its own.

Below shows the toilet after - the shower now occupies its old space

Above shows the powder room before - another space within the zone!

Above shows the bathroom before with shower and bath.

Above shows the bathroom before looking through from what is now our ensuite but was previously my walk-in-robe.

Phew - I hope you are still with me!

My favourite thing is the freestanding bath and the gorgeous waterfall bath spout below.

Now to the Budget - if you remember from a previous post a real estate friend told me to try and do both for $15,000 (impossible!) I then revised the budget to $20,000 which I knew was going to be a challenge! The result for both the ensuite and main bathroom:

Tiling cost $4600, Tiles $2147, fittings $5600, plumbing $4500, building works and electrical around $4000 (final figures on this not in yet), glass and glazier $1155, towel rails and lighting around $700. Okay how are we going ...... that totals $22,702! Okay, being realistic this is only a little over a 10% blowout which is not bad considering the spaces.

Now to my little black book and some really big thank yous:-
Tilers - Eve Renovations - (0414407519) - Females who will do your whole reno. or just the tiling
Plumber - Perry Thomson (0403549037)
Builder - Matt from M2 Build (0421721182) - my brother-in-law
Glazier - Brisbane Glazing (0412824029)
A really really really big thank you to everyone who worked on the project. You kept me laughing even when I felt like crying! I would definitely recommend each of you and I will be calling on all of you again for my next project.

Hope you all enjoyed my little before and after. If you have any other questions please email me at

I will post an image of the main bathroom on my sidebar once it is painted and I have some bling to show you.

Hope you all have a wonderful weekend. Wish me luck as I have my market in King George Square tonight from 5pm to 9pm - lets hope the weather holds out!
Sorry I haven't knocked on any of your doors this week - I will definitely pop by and visit tomorrow morning.


  1. WOW Michelle. I think you've done exceptionally well and it's only a fraction over budget. I can't believe how poky it used to be. Vast improvement. Beautiful, and so much more space. I'd like a spell in that bath. I can only get one leg in mine! :)

  2. Your bathroom looks fabulous Michelle, I love your bath too. I really enjoy relaxing in the tub with a mag and a glass of wine. Thanks for sharing the breakup of costs it is really good to know. Have a great weekend. xx

  3. Michelle what an amazing transformation! Thanks for showing us the 'befores' as it is easier to see the massive changes you have made. Well done.

    Have a great weekend.

    Pam x

  4. Hi Michelle, congrats on your bathroom it looks fantastic. You have really made great use of the space and I love all of your fittings. Good luck with the market tonight. ;-)

  5. You have done a fantastic job Michelle! I love the freestanding bath and the fittings, just stunning! Well done you!

  6. Nice work Michelle. Can not wait to pop round to have a look :)

  7. hi michelle, this is magic to me, we are updating our new heritage home victorian bathroom too, and I looked closely at your costings as a guide for us! $4.5K on tiling!! oh dear, we didn't budget near that, probably 1/2 that amount, so I think we'd better prepare ourselves for overcost on that one!!! I'm very interested in your tiling actually, I'd love to know what you paid per sqm for the tiles. I'm looking at builders range (300 x 600) white for walls, and floors. and 4sqm of feature tiling behind our claw foot bath (taupe colour??). But otherwise, everything white. So I loved looking over your white bathroom!!! WELL DONE!


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