Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Can You Keep A Secret??

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That's the name of the new vintage store in Greenslopes, Brisbane.
After visiting this store, you may well want to keep it a secret, as it's packed full with with retro lovin' goodness!

The store, owned by Emily Jane, is part boutique and part lounge. Emily stocks hand-picked vintage clothing, retro homewares, and collectibles. From old typewriters to the skates you probably wore in the 80's, it is an eclectic vintage lovers mix!

The store is beautifully laid out in an old Queenslander at 653 Logan Road, Greenslopes. I chanced upon it by accident, and wish I had taken my camera so I could share some of Emily's vintage style with you all. It's definitely a store I will be adding to my list when doing the retro rounds. Good luck with your new venture Emily!

At My House This Week - I am madly preparing for BiECO which is on this Saturday. With all the reno's going on at my place this week it has been hard to concentrate.

my magnets drying

Don't forget to pop down to Racecourse Road on Saturday to visit me if you can. I will be inside the Church hall on stand number 10. You don't have to buy anything, it would just be great to meet you!

Hope everyone is having a great week.
I'll be round for a visit if I get a chance.


  1. If I could go back in time and still be living on the Gold Coast I would drive up and say Hi.....But a different era and no time machine and I can only wish you a great day. I hope its another good one. K

  2. ohhhhhhhhhhhh, added to my to do list. Will have to check it out asap :)

  3. Sounds fantastic!! I'm sure one day next year we'll trip to Brisbane to visit my husband at work, i am building quite the list of shops to visit. Love Posie

  4. Thanks for the tip Michelle. Never heard of Emily Jane's store before.

    Best of luck with the markets.
    Pam x

  5. HI Michelle. Please let me know when you pop to that store again.. I would love to come along with you :) Talk soon, Lisa

  6. i adore those are one clever gal...endless inspiration!

    melissa xx

  7. Have fun michelle, hope it goes well, cant visit however!! although i would love to ! Hope your eye surgery went well!
    Laura c xxx

  8. oh my goodness! not another amazing vintage place! here i am living seconds from wac and that's hard enough. thanks for the heads up..i'm going to have to have a peek now! good luck tomorrow. x


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