Friday, November 26, 2010

Bored With Your Ironing Board?

As all the little thing that need finishing off around our home start to speak louder as a collective, I turn my attention toward things I can control such as our ironing board cover. Okay, I never said I was completely sane!

Don't know about you but my ironing board hides in shame in a dark recess of our house. Although I would prefer it never come out at all realistically this is not the case. Sick of staring at my quilted Sheridan all white cover, I decided it was high time to update it. After flicking through an Inside Out magazine I came across this lovely ironing board cover by Sass Home.

Of coarse, I went straight to my computer to order one, when much to my horror I found I had to go into a store in order to purchase :( !! Now, with time being oh so precious these days I am mounting a search for one I can buy online, any excuse to not have to step foot into a Westfield Shopping Centre. Of coarse these ones from Sass Home are quite lovely - anyone know where I can purchase a similar one without pounding the pavement?

Hope I'm not sounding too lazy. Looking forward to the weekend this week as I have had my youngest at home with what they think may be the flu (in summer - I know), with my husband away during the week - I think the weekend is my turn for some down time. What are you getting up to? Whatever it is I hope you have a great one!

* all images from Sass


  1. Ironing would have to be my least favourite chore, but I have to admit these covers are gorgeous! I did a quick google and found an Etsy seller who had some lovely ones for sale. Have a look at

    Shopping online is great, I just ordered some Aveda from and a couple of books off

    Hope your little one is feeling better and you have a nice weekend Michelle! We have kids sport tomorrow and then our Year one class is having a cocktail party which I am really looking forward to!

    Christine x

  2. cute ironing boards, and it's not lazy it's resourceful hehehe have a great weekend and chillax lisa xx

  3. Those ironing boards are beautiful, i have an ugly retro attempt of a Sheridan ironing board, but i ruin the covers with my craft mishaps!! I'd take more care with something beautiful, alas, i'd hope it distracts me from how boring ironing is. Love Posie

  4. That last ironing board cover is so nice!! My ironing board is terrible - every time I use I think how I must desperately get a new one soon :) Hope your little one is better soon and that you can take it easy - we've had a week of Grace being unwell this week so I know how you're feeling x

  5. They are so much better than my all blue cover! And I am with you! I would do anything to avoid a major shopping centre...especially at this time of the year. I even have my groceries delivered through coles online and I LOVE it. So much easier, especially with kids. Not lazy, SMART!
    X Briohny.

  6. Isn't that funny, I was ironing Sti's shirts this morning and took time to look at my ironing board- over 20 years old, rusty and touches of mould on the cover. I thought to myself, its time to update this...and here is your post! Have a lovely weekend. Emma. xx


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