Monday, November 15, 2010

Ensuite Before & After

Hi everyone, thanks for putting up with my slackness at not posting this on Friday. I have a good excuse - all trades only left at 6pm on Friday, and as I had just had my laser eye surgery to correct my vision I was a racked out on valium! Good excuse??!!

Anyway, as promised the before and after shots of my bathrooms begin with my ensuite (decided not to bore you all with a really long post on both). Although not totally finished i.e. no towel rails, paint, or pretty things yet (yay shopping). I hope you will all agree it is an improvement.

Please remember, this is no glam magazine worthy bathroom makeover. I had very little time to organise the bathroom renovations, and I was on a really tight budget.

The ensuite below after:

The ensuite below before:

Yes, the ensuite used to be my walk-in-robe which has now been relocated (I'll do a post on this at a later date). As you can see it is not a very big room - 2.5m long x 1.4m wide, but we have managed to fit in a big shower, toilet and vanity. I love the way my new tiles look.

Some of my favourite things would have to be the shelf I had installed with the mirrored cabinets above - lots of storage - yay!!!

And, the rain shower head - love, love!

On a slightly disappointing note: You may notice from the image below that along with towel rails and paint, the toilet buttons are missing on the toilet - unfortunately one of the things I had to put up with when I used the BDW at Springwood. We got a really good deal on all of our fixtures with them, and I don't like to blog badly about anyone, however, I have had a disappointing experience them when it comes to delivery of what I purchased. Although they have been accommodating in fixing up all the errors there were far too many errors for one renovation. I guess we can just put it down to dumb luck, but as you can imagine this put a real strain on my week ...... okay ...... I'll admit I was stressed out rather badly before my operation!

Speaking of which, my eye op was a phenomenal success - I can now see clearly with no contacts! There was no pain, and the whole operation took around 15 minutes! Should have done it years ago - I thoroughly recommend it to everyone thinking of having it done - the doctors and staff at the Laser Sight Centre were terrific.

Enough rambling from me now - I will show all the before and afters of the main bathroom on Friday, along with a thorough budget breakdown (need to add it up myself yet) and also give you all my wonderful trade contacts.

Until then, hope you are having a great Monday.


  1. Congratulations on the renovation of both your bathroom and your eyes! The ensuite looks absolutely terrific even though I can imagine your frustration.

  2. Hi Michelle, the ensuite looks fantastic! I love the look you have chosen and that shelf is perfect. What a hassle with the bathroom people... there is always dramas but I hope you are happy with it now. Glad to also hear your operation went well, sounds like you may have needed that hit of valium? lol. ;-)

  3. Phew! What a relief. A sad farewell to your old friends (contacts) but no regrets obviously! So glad to hear that it all went well and I can empathise....these thing do add stress and anxiety and make other stresses (renovations!)tip you over the edge into insanity!But you are so modest and don't give yourself enough credit. Your renovation is gorgeous and once it's been finished with all the trimmings will be very worthy of a glossy mag! Good on you Michelle.

  4. Wow Michelle, what a contrast from the former wardrobe.Great before and afters! The shelf you've put in looks great along with storage which is always handy. It's a beautiful ensuite; congratulations!
    So sorry to hear your misfortune with BDW Springwood; that would have been infuriating! To be fair, I feel it imprortant to report I used Strathpine and had the complete opposite experience, with NO problems to report at all.
    How exciting to have no glasses or contacts it must be a whole new world to jump out of bed in the morning!! x

  5. That's a great renovation Michelle! And well done for having your eyes done, it must feel great. Rachaelxx

  6. That looks so good. Love the shower head! What a shame about the supplier but I guess it's not a true renovation unless there is a hitch or two, eh? And well done about your eyes.

  7. Looks fantastic Michelle, what a great job you've done! And I would never have guessed it was done in a hurry, or on a budget - it looks really high-end to me. I've used BDW at Brendale in the past, and had no trouble, but we did pick up the goods ourselves, so maybe that helped. I'll bet you're loving it now without your contacts - all the better so see your lovely new ensuite with! K xx

  8. I can see why you're in love with your bathroom!

    Am also excited about your new eyes! I wish I was brave enough to do it!

    With a new bathroom and no contact lenses - what a great way to see in Christmas! Quite literally!

  9. Looks terrific! Love the ledge under the mirrors also that showerhead looks sooooo luxurious! xx

  10. Wow the ensuite looks great. So much put into the space, but still looks big enough. Love the shelf and a very cool shower head! Congrats on having your eyes done.
    Rebecca x

  11. So glad your eye op has been sucessful, Im sure it was pretty scary going in!!

    Your ensuite looks fantastic, very stylish as always, can't wait to see your bathroom reveal!!

  12. You've made really great use of that space Michelle! It looks really fresh and crisp! I want a rainwater showerhead too! Glad to hear your eye op all went well. Great news.

    Christine x

  13. love it. what kind of tiles are those?

  14. That looks fabulous! Very clever use of space. Good news about your eyes too.

    Emma. xx

  15. Your ensuite is fabulous Michelle. You fit so much into such a small space. Great work. I am so pleased to hear that your eye surgery was a success. I really must look into it soon. xx

  16. Fantastic....about your eyes firstly and then the bathroom. It looks fantastic, I love the shelf!What a busy time though, cheers Katherine

  17. Hi Michelle! Love the new ensuite bathroom! I hope you are recovering well from your surgery. I have heard it is fantastic and would love to get it for my husband one day. You should have posted while being all whacked out... would have been really funny!!@!!

  18. hi michelle, just fabulous! I'm about to put in an ensuite to an old victorian heritage home we bought recently pretty much same as yours - gorgeous!! great minds... I'd love to know your costings, although I saw your bathroom costings and I'll go comment on that now! WELL DONE!


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