Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Wednesday Wicked Design

What better way to kick off my new segment than with a fellow BrisStyler who is not only wicked by name, but wicked by design! Teneale from Wicked Child Designs states on her blog she simply 'likes to make softies'. As you will see there is nothing simple about her softies - made from felt, retro fabrics and wool her designs have a distinctive eco cred.

With each softie having a name, and wicked story attached to it, you will be begging to take them all home!

Meet some of Teneale's wicked wicked little designs available in her etsy and madeit stores ....

Sam is a kleptomaniac, and fears someone might find her spoon collection under the bed.

The Beatles like to twist and shout till midnight. Then they twist a little more.

Meet Jeffrey.

He doesn't like vegetables. He doesn't like meat either. He will only eat lolly bananas and pretzels. And they have to be eaten together. Not separately. Got it? Right.

Cookie Monster and the Cookie Tree Coasters

Teneale obviously has a wicked sense of humour!

I know she would love it if you took the time to pop by her blog and say hi.

Thanks for taking the time to read a little about a fellow crafter - we love it when you support handmade!

Hope everyone is having a great week.


  1. Teneale's designs and little stories are so clever! Thanks for sharing Michelle! xx

  2. Thanks for the intro Michelle. They're all rather cute. I'm particularly taken with Jeffrey. I think this Wed idea of yours is a great one. x

  3. Thank you for dropping by my blog, I'll also have at Teneales blog, I just love her cute wicked people. Your blog is great, I'm now a follower.

  4. hey lady! loving your stall photos. have missed you around here. look forward to seeing you at the twilight markets! yay. have a great week! xx

  5. Jeffrey is so fantastic I don't know where to begin!! She makes amazing "softies", cheers Katherine


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