Monday, December 20, 2010

Twinkling Market Lights

Thought I would share an image of the Christmas Tree in King George Square with you. As always it looks absolutely gorgeous, and was a fantastic backdrop to the BrisStyle Indie Twilight Markets on Friday night.

We had a wonderful evening with no rain!

Everyone's stand looked magical with lots of twinkling fairy lights. Unfortunately I forgot to charge the batteries on my camera so I don't have any of my own images to share :(

As always, we met lots of lovely handmade supporters.

We were lucky enough to be next to KW Ceramics and Renee Treml - we had an amazing spot right at the entrance to the square. Both of these girls are so lovely. I treated myself to an early Christmas present, a necklace from Kim - I just adore her hand pressed porcelain jewellery. It is very similar to the one below:

Thanks to everyone who purchased, or simply dropped by to say hello.


p.s. there will be some small changes happening around here over the next week - I'll let you know very soon


  1. I love the twilight markets ... sadly I missed the latest event, but it sounds like a wonderful night! :)


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