Friday, October 1, 2010

Giveaway Thanks

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Recently I was very lucky to have won a couple of giveaways!

Today I thought I would give an overdue thank you to the two wonderful ladies who hosted the giveaways.

The first thank you goes out to Sandy from Paint Me White - I was really excited when I found I had won a leather bound 2011 diary!

Of course, the diary was not only beautifully wrapped with a hand written card but tucked inside was the adorable little table sham you can see pictured. Thanks Sandy, this will go beautifully in daughter no. 2's 'big girl room' makeover!!

The second thank you goes out to Nellie from McCarthy Designs. You may remember Nellie was giving away Better Homes and Gardens tickets each day for 5 days. Now, I really wanted these tickets, as I am going to Sydney for a girlie long weekend the very same week, so lets just say I entered more than one time!!! Anyway, thank you Nellie, I am thrilled to be able to go to this event.

Nellie sent the tickets inside one of her beautiful cards. She not only has a wonderful blog, but she sells greeting cards with her original photographs from her etsy store. Thanks Nellie, this card now takes pride of place on my pin-board in my office!

It's the little things like the hand written notes that really make these items even more special!! So thank you girls - please know that you are really appreciated.

If you haven't had the opportunity to visit Nellie and Sandy's sites ..... then you absolutely have too! Both of these ladies are really friendly and have wonderful informative sites.
Sandy, as her title suggests, loves to paint furniture so much that she now has a booming business doing it for others. Along the way, we all get to have a little glimpse at her projects and learn from the techniques and advice she freely gives.
Nellie blogs from Orange in NSW, and is a fellow renovator and interior design student. Nellie's blog is always filled with wonderful images and inspiration. She is taking a little break at the moment, but I'm sure she would still love it if you knocked on her door and said hi.

Hope you all have great weekends planned. As I am in the final countdown to my first BrisStyle market next week, I will be working on various handmade projects, not to mention getting price lists etc together. Who would have thought that there would be sooo many little jobs to complete!

Hope your weekend is filled with things you love to do. Michelle


  1. i know! how cute are the girls and their giveaways? i won a pear from moose&bird annnnd some cross stitched brooches from's been a great week! have fun with your goodies! xx

  2. Hey Michelle, how lucky are you, and I so a agree about about the hand written notes. Both are such lovelyladies and I too enjoy following their blogs. Hope you achieve heaps this weekend, where does the time go? Hope to make it to the market, cheers katherine

  3. Your welcome Michelle enjoy and have a fantastic time in Sydney. Sandy xx

  4. Hey Michelle, I am a HUGE fan of handwritten notes. I make sure to write them to all my clients at work. I hope you have a great time at the event and take lots of pictures for us! :)

  5. Hey Michelle....!

    CONGRATULATIONS on BOTH your wins....!

    I LOVE Nellies blog & will pop in & vist Sandy's blog this evening....!

    Tamarah :o)

  6. Congrats on all of your winnings! I'm hoping to win MA millions, but my chances are slim. I guess I need to buy a ticket;)lol! Alyssa of Boston


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