Tuesday, September 28, 2010

So Adorable

There is something so adorable about Babushka dolls. Their bright hues and happy blushed faces always bring a smile to my face. Safely tucked away inside each other, it's always a great surprise when you find just one more in there!

With this theme in mind, I was really excited when I came across some beautiful Babushka doll stamps designed by Sarah Neuburger of The Small Object. I hope you like what I have done with them ....

These cards will feature at the BrisStyle Mother and Child Markets on the 9th October. Each cute little design will come packaged with an envelope, and sell for $2.50 each.

All the details for BrisStyle markets can be found here.

I'd love it if you came along and said hi!

Thankfully, there is a version of the Babushka doll available for those of us who have never quite grown up ...

Baking is made way more fun with these nesting measuring cups!

Hope you're having a great start to the week whatever you are doing. Michelle


  1. Hi Michelle, they are so adorable for big girls and little girls..I am hoping to get along to the markets it should be so wonderful and there is so many amazing creative peoples goodies to see. Fingers crossed, cheers Katherine

  2. too cute! i have the measuring cups, too cute to use. i just bought a bunch of stamps back from the US, can't wait to play. hope all is well. thank you for all of your lovely comments whilst i was away. xx

  3. Michelle, your cards are gorgeous! I do love Baboushka dolls and those measuring cups are all most enough to convince me to bake;) I hope the markets are a wonderful success for you, enjoy the day ~ Tina x

  4. I love your sweet cards, they look lovely next to those glass jars too...

  5. They are definately so adorable. Love what you are doing with the cards - just beautiful.

  6. I am sooo in love with Babushka dolls right now!! You have to see these really cute book tags I came across recently....

    So adorable and by another Australian Indie designer.

    :) Hazel

  7. I love the white measuring cups. Funnily enough I have set that were a gift from Russia and they are kept in the kitchen but are purely decorative and a fun play toy for my son when he needs distraction form dinner prep.;-)

  8. Oh yes, love anything & everything Babushka, i have the measuring cups too, tee hee, love Posie

  9. Love your cute cards. I bought those measuring cups for my friend recently for her birthday and she loved them.

  10. Hi Michelle, love the nesting measuring cups and the cards, they look so cute. I actually have a full set of the original Babushka dolls, my father gave them to me years ago when he was working in Russia. I keep them in my embroidery box. Have fun, Lisa

  11. I went to Russia when I was eight and still have a set of dolls from that visit. (They may be antique by now!). I agree with your sentiments re: the wonder they create.
    Beautiful cards!! Good luck for the markets, I'm sure these will be popular. x


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