Wednesday, October 27, 2010

BiECO Christmas

Have you started your Christmas shopping yet?
Well, I know just the place for you to start - the HOTest place to buy all your handmade goodies this Christmas - the BrisStyle Indie Eco Market!

The green carpet will be rolled out ........

Saturday, 6th November
St Augustine's Church Hall and Grounds
Racecourse Road
9am - 2pm

I'll definitely be there along with many other BrisStylers selling their eco wares.

Along with my usual goodies I will be selling some handmade eco Christmas tags
and decorations .....

and some Christmas cards .....

Along with all the handmade goodness the BrisStylers will be selling vintage, and vintage inspired wares. I'm sure there will be something there for everyone!

Don't forget to mark it in your diary .....

I'd love to see you all there. Once again, I'm inside the hall so if you have time please
pop in and say hi!

Other than sending out lots of orders and preparing for BiECO this week I have been watching my bathrooms slowly taking shape - I'll have some more pictures for you all on Friday. My tiles have arrived so I'm looking forward to seeing them go down soon - yay!!! Hope you're all having a fantastic week. Michelle


  1. Will you put any Christmas ones on your Etsy store?

  2. Yes, I will be loading some Christmas goodies into all of my stores soon. Thanks for your support. Michelle xx

  3. Oooooh can't wait. Hope to be there and please let there be sunshine this time.

  4. What a great ambassador you are for BiECO. Your christmas cards are appealing to me, yet again. x

  5. Good luck with the fair and which is was up that way so could go along and can't wait to see the spruced bathroom!Jane @ the girl in the brick house.

  6. Michelle, your Xmas tags and cards are GORGEOUS! I have not started my Chrissy buying in earnest yet, but will be keeping an eye out in your Etsy store:) Hope you have a successful and fun time at the markets ~ Tina xx

  7. Hey GORGEOUS....!

    THANKS so much for your reassuring comment....! I'm finding things to be 'quite the juggling act' at the moment....!

    As ALWAYS I LOVE your work & think your Christmas tags & cards are BEAUTIFUL....I WISH you were closer so you could participate in the next SVJ-X....!!

    I've set myself December 1st as my 'panic date' for Christmas shopping....hahahahaha....!!

    Well I must away to 'the pesky day job'....!

    Have an AWESOME weekend Lovey....!

    Cheers for now,
    Tamarah :o)

  8. Love your Christmas tags, Have a great time at the market and I ma sure your lovely little tags and cards will be a big hit.
    Take Care. K

  9. Hi Michelle... I have put it my diary and hope to pop along. Shall I bring along a morning coffee for you?


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