Friday, June 18, 2010

White is not a colour ....


"White is not a colour, it's a canvas" ..... I love this quote by Chris Connell (interior and furniture designer). I bought into his idea of white being a canvas when he was featured in the June issue of Real Living - do you agree? I guess it makes me feel more comfortable as the walls in my house are currently being painted a variation of white. We find white easy to live with, and we know it helps to sell the house as others can imagine themselves living in the space. So, can I now say I live in a canvas!!??
Apparently feature walls are out and rooms painted in a colour or walls 'wrapped' in colour are in - how does your house look? The white walls in my home do make my furniture pop, however, sometimes, I long for a colour - even a neutral colour on the walls. It got me wondering how others in blogland feel about colour.

Do you prefer - an all white interior with colour through accessories .....

A splash of colour .....

or, lots of colour ......

..... I'm curious to know. Hope you all have a great weekend. Michelle


  1. I like an all white interior - our things look better on the blank canvas.

  2. I love an all white interior but my husband doesn't so we tend to go for a cream that is almost white. We paint the whole house one colour & accessorize with other colours!!

  3. I am for the all white interior and colour accents. I love that quote! xx

  4. I love all white interiors but I do have some walls in my home with stripes which I love too. The thought of neutrals is always in the back of my head though...maybe one day.

  5. I also love the white interiors but having said that, we have just painted my sons room navy but only half of the wall.... The bottom section is still white! And I do plan on painting the upstairs TV room in a latte colour oh and the laundry will most likely be a turquoise - but that is it!!! :-)

  6. p.s. I also live with a guy and right now pink isn't going to get much of a look in, lol!

  7. Hi Michelle, thanks so much for stopping by, glad I have found you too!

    I'm definitely a white interior girl but with lots of lovely splashes of colour especially turquoise and pink! Although I am yet to fully achieve it.

    Right now I have a very electic mix of things (because I love so many different styles and am influenced by things I pick up on my travels) against white walls which I also love! :-)

  8. i'm a vintage wallpaper girl. i've collected a bunch so when i have my own place in the future..i can make feature walls with it. you're also speaking to a girl who picked a tangerine coloured kitchenaid and rents a 70's house with faux wood panelling and crazy wallpaper. cream walls i agree for the ones that aren't features.

  9. Thanks for all your lovely comments - looks like white or neutrals are still very popular, accented with a pop of colour in our accessories. Laura, your vintage wallpaper sounds fantastic - I think I could go with a feature wall if I had some lovely vintage paper to put on it. Michelle

  10. I love all white interiors and I love white walls. However, I took the plunge recently and used different colours in different rooms - taupe in the laundry, grey in the main bath, dark grey in the teen ensuite, dark royal blue in the teen bedroom, mushroom in the movie room, taupe in our bedroom, pink in the little girls get the idea! I'm painting the big family room and kitchen white though. White is great as it doesn't compete with anything else in the room. Rachaelxx

  11. I think White is here to stay and yes, yes, yes its the best backdrop for decorating in any that quote btw....
    I like using pops of colour on saying all that, For my own home I like calm, nuetral with dramatic darks, pops of white and a little bit of wallpaper for a storey...Thanks for following my blog, I am now following yours aswell.;)


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