Friday, June 11, 2010

Retro Plus


Retro plus shelving ....... equals calm! Okay, at the moment I have a tiny storage issue in my office, so when I saw this image I couldn't resist adding it to my interiors want list. Normally I am very (okay very, very) neat and tidy and I like everything to have a 'place', I also have a little rule that your eyes must 'rest' on open space within any shelving unit (negative space). This storage system breaks all my rules and looks fab! Not to mention those gorgeous retro chairs (sigh)!
Well, now you all know what I will be doing this weekend .... trying to sort out my wee space issue. This will of coarse become more urgent after I return from the Lifeline Bookfest!
I hope you all enjoy whatever you are up to this long weekend. Michelle


  1. Those chairs are amazing...those legs drool! I like the way the books on the shelves go both ways...flat and upright, it breaks the eye up, if you know what i mean...enjoy your weekend, cheers Katherine

  2. Happy sorting Michelle! I must get some shelves organised too! Have a great weekend..

  3. I've just reorganised my studio space, and your eye rest philosophy has given me some food for thought!

    But I love everything about that room, just wish I had space for chairs like that!

  4. Those chairs are so coool...way to cool for me unfortunately - I'm kinda a dag! I'm with you on the very (very, very,) neat and tidy front. I may have a little problem :-)

  5. Hi Michelle, thanks for stopping by today and leaving such a sweet comment. Love your etsy store designs and will definately be back ....Enjoy your week Kym X

  6. Hi Dear Michelle,
    Thanks for finding me!!! This blogland is sucha small world, isn't it?
    I'll be very happy to follow you as well and just had a pick from your Etsy store: LOVELY things you have!!!
    Looking forward for your news posts and also to look at your old ones!
    Have a lovely week!
    Li :-)

  7. Hi Michelle! I'm following you now too! Good luck on your interior design studies. It is hard work, but well worth it! Since you are a lover of mid century furniture you would probably swoon over a bedroom set I just purchased Friday for next to nothing at a thrift store in Phoenix. It's a little rough now, but very unusual. Take care, Susie


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