Friday, June 25, 2010

Tagged ... and dreaming of Italy

I have been tagged by the lovely Trish from A dream House for Trish. Following are my answers:

1. If you could live anywhere in the world, where would it be?
I was born in New Zealand and moved over to Australia when I was 20, so I love living here. Having said that, I would love to experience living in Italy for a little while. When we travelled to Italy (many years ago now) we had the privilege of visiting a small island off Venice called Burano. It is a gorgeous little place with all these quaint colourful houses - we were told that the postie knows your house by its colour not its number.

Imagine living in one of these for a little while ....


2. What is your favorite band?
My favorite Australian band would have to be Something for Kate, but I like all kinds of music. Whats on my 'playlist' at the moment .... always Pink .... but also among others Evermore, George Michael, INXS, James Blunt, JT, Michael Jackson, Pete Murray, Rob Thomas .... I told you its an eclectic mix.

I have to mention Michael Jackson as today is the one year anniversary of his death .... gone too soon. Whether you liked his music or not, he was a superstar.

3. If you could be someone else for a day who would it be?
More popular, and probably more powerful, than the President it would have to be ..... Oprah. She is an intelligent women who has made a difference in so many peoples lives. Not to mention the fact that she is one of the wealthiest woman in the world!!


4. Concert or Broadway show?
This is close, but I'm still young at heart and would probably choose the Concert!

5. Theme song for life?
This was the hardest question to answer but I finally came up with Mika's 'Love Today' because even if you are having a really bad day you can always find something to love about it ... even if its the simple pleasure of a coffee.
Please don't google the lyrics for this song like I did last night - it may shatter your image of 'loving your day' - just take my choice on face value!

6. Would you choose a fancy dinner at a nice restaurant or a picnic in the park?
I would definitely choose the fancy restaurant. Probably Il Centro for its yummy seafood!


7. Favorite Place to Shop?
What, just one? Okay I'll stick with Brisbane and say if I was going on a shopping day I would start with the Woolloongabba Antiques Centre, then for homewares move to Coming Up Roses in Balmoral, or Buba & La in Paddington, then for clothes on to the Valley and Nelson & Malloy..... after that I would need a merlo coffee or two!!

The Old Boat House

8. Favorite movie?
A romantic at heart ..... it has to be Notting Hill ..... I've lost count of how many times I have watched this movie.

Phew .... now, in the normal tradition, I must tag some other bloggers. Please don't feel any pressure to join in:-

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If you are not familiar with these blogs please stop by, I know you will find them informative and inspirational!

Hope you all have a great weekend.


  1. What great picks! Would love love to stay a couple of days in those gorgeous colored houses! Julia Roberts is a great icon. Lovely blog!
    Have a happy happy weekend!!

  2. Hi michelle, loving that you said George michael!! did you see him in Feb? I am a very tragic ex wham fan, I loooove him!! love pink too and I had picked oprah to be for a day! How could you not?? She has the world at her fingertips, she can do anything she wants! Love Notting hill too, its one of my faves! how funny is the welsh guy??? Its amazing how blogging can unintentionally bring you closer to like minded people!
    Have an absolutely awesome weekend michelle,
    laura xx

  3. Hello there Michelle....!!

    THANK YOU for stopping by my place earlier....!! There's no escaping me now as I've added you to my reading list so I can keep an eye on you....hahahahaha....!

    On a serious note though, it's LOVELY to 'meet' another Aussie blogger & I look forward to sharing my adventures with you....!

    LOVE the coloured houses & am frightfully ENVIOUS of your time in Italy.... ** sigh ** ....!!

    Hope you have a FAB weekend....!

    Cheers from VIC,
    Tamarah :o)

    PS: Hard to believe it's been a year already hey....I'm still mourning the Michael Jackson of the 70's....??!

  4. Hi Michell, thanks for the tag.... I best start racking my brain! The little town of Burano looks so cute, almost un-real! Good choice of music and shopping spots! Have a great weekend.

  5. Hi Michelle, so nice getting to know you! I love that movie too. Thanks so much for visiting my blog and your lovely comment :0)

  6. Hi, there! Thanks so much for stopping by today. How fun to read all about you. I went to Burano a few years ago and thought it was one of the cutest places I'd ever seen! I'd also like to be Oprah for a day! ;) Have a great weekend!

  7. I know you a little better now..fascinating answers. The colourful houses are very sweet..Have a lovely Saturday..Rachaelxx

  8. Hi Michelle:) I am so happy that you stopped by my blog because now I have found your gorgeous blog! What a fabulous post for me to read as an intro to your blog:) It was great getting to know these things about you. I am looking forward to following. Hope you have a wonderful weekend ~ Tina xx

  9. Another Brisbane blog, glad I found you! Love the colourful homes and Notting Hill is one my alltime favourite movies too! Will pop back soon.

  10. Hi Michelle, It was great reading your answers and getting to know you a bit better.. Hope you are having a wonderful weekend. MD xx

  11. Hi Michelle and thanks so much for becoming a follower on my blog, I have just enjoyed having a look at yours and I'm now your newest follower :)
    xx Karen

  12. I'm absolutely loving the litte coloured houses in Italy. I would love a house just like that! xo

  13. What a great post, those pictures of Venice are heavenly, what a gorgeous place to be, aaahh maybe one day...thanks for visiting my blog, so nice to have you...your work is amazing, lovely, lovely...

  14. Michelle that's really sweet to tag me in the Q&A, I actually did this very one a few days ago if you want to see my answers.

    Italy is simply stunning isn't it, while I'm English I'm have Italian heritage but I don't trust myself to live there as I'd eat everything in sight!! Burano looks beautiful I'd love to visit there now you've mentioned it!

    Hope you had a great weekend!

  15. I loved reading your answers. I too think Venice is such a lovely, quaint little spot. Notting Hill is one of my fave movies too :)


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