Friday, May 28, 2010

Retro Lovers & the W.A.C.

Came across this image from Design Shrine and just had to post it. Love the simplicity of this room, the colours look great together, my favourite part has to be those pendant lights ... I wonder where I can find some of those?

Now to my fab W.A.C. finds ......

Don't you just love the Woolloongabba Antiques Centre (W.A.C.), not only does it have great retro finds but yesterday I bought this Mimco wallet for $14 (yes, Mimco - not a fake). It is in great condition, I still can't believe the price!

Now the best part ....

OMG, I bought this cocktail cabinet which sits in my office from Vinnies for $40 a couple of months ago (used for storage). Imagine my surprise when I saw an identical one yesterday at W.A.C. for $495!!!! Turns out it is by Fred Lowen who is an Australian designer (think Tessa Lounges)! I still can't believe it - okay mine did have some stickers on the front which you can see I have removed, and I still need to refinish the surface ..... but don't you just love it when you find a treasure!! By the way, the print sitting on the top right hand side is by Tsk Tsk, she does beautiful work.

Hope you all have a wonderful weekend. Michelle


  1. Wow! That's a steal for $40 - Fler is so hard to find in reasonable condition. That will come up beautifully. And those Nelson bubbles are available here - they are made through Modernica (USA) I think. Just do a google search for the stockist in Australia.

  2. Hey Brismod, thanks for your comments re the pendants. After going through google I found the Nelson Bubble Lamps are available through for $895 each ..... I'd love a set of 3 please!! Michelle

  3. Hey Michelle, thanks for dropping by my blog, I love to meet new people!!! Im enjoying your blog as it opens my eyes to many new ideas. It will be fun to see where we are when we finally make it to our 12mth blogging anniversary, its a fabulous past time!!!

  4. hey - well done with the cabinet!! Although I have got nice storage for my craft supplies... i'm still after my elusive roll-top desk that i can afford!!

  5. Oh Michelle my belle. You are the most amazing fossicker I have ever known. You find the best stuff. I didn't even know you had this. It's awesome.

  6. Hi Michelle, I just wanted to drop by & let you know I have passed a blog award your way, so come visit my blog & pick it up when your free!!!!
    A dream House for Trish

  7. What wonderful finds and I really love that room you've shared x


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