Tuesday, April 6, 2010

The Reveal

The finished product!!

After sanding and removal of old vinyl.

Finally, after a few hours and many chocolate eggs, my lovely retro chair has a new life!! The leather upholstery proved to be a little more challenging than I thought but all-in-all for a novice I think it turned out pretty well. First I sanded the teak back with a coarse sandpaper, then a finer sandpaper, and finally I gave it a buff with steel wool ...... and wallah the wood feels like silk! I then decided to apply furniture wax, instead of varnish, which has given it a gorgeous light glow while showing off the beautiful grain of the teak. I then cut the camel coloured leather to size (this was scary), and stretched it over the seat and back of the chair fixing it with furniture staples. My chair now feels wonderful and looks beautiful too. If you are up for the challenge you can find many vintage chairs for sale on ebay. Happy hunting!!

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