Friday, April 23, 2010


Thought I would show you the paper art I have been creating with over the last few days. Hearts-a-flutter is the latest edition to my etsy store, the hearts have 'fluttered' in from a 1950's edition of a Mills & Boon novel. The second image is of some love heart tags also taken from a vintage Mills & Boon novel. The last image shows some of my 'story butterflies' depicting the story of Bambi, these vintage shapes can be used as wall art, tags, decoration, or anything your heart desires! I will be adding more tags and paper art over the coming days and weeks. I would love you to visit my store or leave a comment letting me know what you think. Have a good long weekend everyone!


  1. LOVE!!! The heart is gorgeous! So glad I stopped by, loving your blog + your work! xx

  2. As a designer/decorator I'm thinking that the top and bottom images would be perfect framed and in a nursery. Love them. will be following. xo Erica

  3. hay how wonderful is your blog!
    i really love all the beautiful imagery you have splashed throughout the place! specially the heart themed tags here!

    you are just lovely for sharing! x x

  4. Your artwork is so pretty and delicate! I love all the details! Its nice to meet another Brisbane artist in blog land x


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