Thursday, April 19, 2012

The 'Fete' Of My Blog

Hope everyone had a fantastic Easter break!!

Thought I had better explain my absence of late. I have recently added convening the 'handmade' stall at my daughter's school fete to my already busy schedule - aghhh!!! Unfortunately, between this, my job, and business I have let my blog come a terrible last .... or as you have seen ...... not at all!!

Because of this, and the normal hectic pace of life, I have decided that something has to give .... so I am going to put my blog on hold for a little while (cue the sad music)!!!

Don't worry - I will be back - just hopefully with something interesting to say. I will be posting all our crafty projects on here prior to the fete ..... and hopefully some of you will even come over to say hi on the day.


Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Caesarstone App

Caesarstone has launched a new app for your iphone or ipad, which is available to download free from itunes. This new app allows you to view the entire Caesarstone range at the touch of a button!

It is packed full of design ideas and will help you choose your product. The app also allows you to take a photo and match your desired colour with the latest Caesarstone colours.

If you are considering renovating, then Caesarstone's new iphone and ipad app is a must!

Have fun!!!


Monday, March 12, 2012

Now Back in Stock

My Butterfly Artwork Kits are now back in stock in all stores!

Thanks for your enquiries.


Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Black is Beautiful

Well it seems black is back ..... and I don't mean in your wardrobe!

One of the latest kitchen trends appears to be black, black and more black. Weather you are 'blocking' a section of your kitchen with everything from a black
Steam Oven to Coffee Machine ...

..... or just adding a splash of black with a tall dark and sexy fridge - you will be right on trend!

.... or so it appears after popping into the Brisbane Home Show yesterday.

So, what do you think - should we follow some of our American friends and ditch the stainless for black? Love to know what you think of this trend - are you adding black to your kitchen reno?


Friday, March 2, 2012

Olives Anyone?

Just discovered that the little purple grape-like things that are dropping from my tree out the back are actually olives!!!! Okay, I'm not a very keen gardener and had no idea I had an olive tree at our new home.

Anyone ever tried to 'harvest' and 'preserve' their own olives? Is it easy, or should I just stick to admiring the this beautiful tree for the shade it provides? Any help on this subject would be gratefully received.

Wishing you all a great weekend.


Monday, February 27, 2012

I'm Baaaack!!

After a rather extended break I am back! Wow, what I thought would be a break for a little over a month while I moved, turned into a little over two months!

So ..... what have I been up to? During this time I managed to move twice, and holiday once. Moving twice was a necessary nightmare - as some of you may recall we sold our house much sooner than we thought, and had to move to temporary accommodation until the tenants moved out of our new house. So for six weeks we lived in a little house with about a quarter of our possessions (which I must say made me question why we have sooo much stuff!!??). Then, about four weeks ago we moved into our beautiful new home (not far from our old one) .... I think we will be very happy here, and (according to my husband) the best thing about it is that we don't need to renovate ........ ahhh yes, boredom may set in for me but we'll see!!

It also took a little longer to settle our 5 year old into year 1. Last year for prep she didn't have a worry in the world, loved everyday, and certainly looked forward to going. Suddenly this year is very scary for her and for the first couple of weeks she cried everyday ..... things are getting better now but she still has a little panic every morning that she "won't be able to do something" or "will get something wrong". Unfortunately I see the perfectionist in her that is well - ME!!! Isn't it frightening when you see one of your worst traits in your child? Anyway I am slowly putting together an action plan to combat this 'perfectionism', but I must admit it is just baby steps at the moment. It just breaks my heart that she is so nervous about school when I know she can do all the work - any advice my fellow bloggers would be greatly appreciated.

If you are still with me and haven't nodded off to sleep - thanks for dropping by!!!
I have now reopened my stores and am looking forward to creating some new stock for 2012.
I'm also looking forward to visiting all your lovely blogs and catching up on all your news!


Friday, December 16, 2011

Christmas Sign Off

Merry Christmas
and thank you for following me over the past year.
We have now moved into our temporary house and will stay here until our 'big' move mid January. I will be out of the office until this time...
However, you can catch me tonight at the Bris Style Markets in King George Square.
Wishing you all a fabulous festive season and see you in 2012.