Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Wednesday Wicked Design

This week I am so very excited to share the gorgeous designs of Red Revival.

With designs made from wood and acrylic, Red Revival produce products with a hint of retro and a big nod to yesteryear. Their products include beautiful jewelry pendants, necklaces, earrings and brooches, along with home wares such as clocks, and wall art.

All of their products can be purchased through their online website or their etsy store.

Some of my favourite designs are ....

Doily Clock

Set of Three Wall Swallows

Earrings - Cross (stitch) My Heart Red and White

Cloud Brooch

Red Revival believe in using ethical and sustainable products in their design, they also support locally made supplies. Their studio is based in Brisbane, and they are also a part of the Bris-Style etsy street team.

You can also learn a little more about their designs by visiting their blog via their online store.

With Christmas just around the corner, be sure to add them to your favourites!! I know the Wall Swallows will be on my 'wish' list this year!

Happy Wednesday everyone.


  1. That doily clock is so pretty, it's ok to buy yourself a Chrissy present right? I'd buy that for myself!

  2. Oh I love red revival too! Just gorgeous xxxx Katherine


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