Friday, May 27, 2011

The Reveal

... and I say 'the reveal' because I cannot find my before pictures! You'll have to use your imagination, but when we purchased our two butterfly chairs (from ebay of coarse) they were covered in white chippy paint, and not in a good way in a bad way, they also had a lot of rust.

They had no covers and I immediately knew I wanted to use them inside so, after having them rust proofed and painted, we opted to cover them in cowhide. We used Adam's Allstyle Upholstery - the team were really professional and new exactly what I wanted.

As you may guess, we love cowhide - it's really really child friendly as all spills just run off. There was enough cowhide left over to have four floor cushions made up too ..... now I just need to figure out where I'm going to put all this new furniture! Eventually I want both the chairs to sit side by side, but for now they are apart in separate rooms.

We are thrilled with the results, and just love our new chairs! What do you think?
Hope you all have a great weekend lined up. Michelle


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