Friday, May 20, 2011

Fallen out of love?

I was just flicking through the latest issue of Ikea Family Live, and besides all the lovely homes they feature (and every time I say to myself "that can't be ikea") they had this hilarious article about falling out of love with your home. Here is an exert from the article:-

"You've been together a long time. A long, long time. But suddenly, you've realised there's no spark, and you feel like the fire's gone out. After all, when you're not actually lighting a fire in your fireplace, you're obviously not enjoying time spent around it. As you walk around the void you deludedly call home, you might notice some signs that scream "hey, where is the love?".
taken from Ikea Family Live winter 2011

The article goes on to talk about preferring to be apart from your home as the relationship starts to die ..... it got me wondering, what do you do to bring back the spark in your home? For me it's new cushions (I have cupboards full of them), and perhaps a visit to ebay or the local second hand shop for a bit of an added eclectic injection. Lets face it we can't love everything about our home all the time - can we?



  1. Coushins, candles and a bunch of fresh flowers always make my house feel loved ;)

  2. Hilarious! I agree with you and do the same. Have a lovely weekend xx Katherine

  3. For me, I look for some new things (as you do with cushions) to add some interest and create a bit of a new look.

  4. Hi Michelle, "Falling out of love with your home", could that be compared to when a tradesman still loves making a huge difference to other peoples homes but then cannot find the motivation to keep going on his own home. I have seen so so many tradesman who never finish their own homes. Just a thought Mick@TenancyPlus.

  5. Hi Michelle. Rarely get a chance to think decor. I'm so happy to just find the floor of my place! Ikea is very clever, isn't it.

  6. The latest Ikea family brochure is fabulous. The home in Italy was incredible!
    My home is so quirky, and requires two tonne of work, so it's a case of me laughing at it the whole time, and not sure if I've ever been in love with it.

  7. What a timely blog !

    I though it was just me but its you - yes you house !
    I want a divorse !
    Or maybe I just want Ikea to deliver to Tasmania . . .


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