Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Black is Beautiful

Well it seems black is back ..... and I don't mean in your wardrobe!

One of the latest kitchen trends appears to be black, black and more black. Weather you are 'blocking' a section of your kitchen with everything from a black
Steam Oven to Coffee Machine ...

..... or just adding a splash of black with a tall dark and sexy fridge - you will be right on trend!

.... or so it appears after popping into the Brisbane Home Show yesterday.

So, what do you think - should we follow some of our American friends and ditch the stainless for black? Love to know what you think of this trend - are you adding black to your kitchen reno?



  1. Black does have a sexy look to it ... throw in some dirty martinis and I'd say you'd have a kitchen everyone would want!

  2. We have just put a black and red kitchen in. Red bench tops and black cupboards - no black appliances though!


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